Bringing valuable plant fertilization and ecologic recycling for everyday life. © not your ordinary watering can or.

The Towa has some unique and valued advantages. Easy to use as a watering can and comfortable to sit on! Six different parts for a first class comfort. Get to know the unique benefits and qualities with the only Towa in the world! Treat it with care.

Design and materials have been thought through, tested and manufactured to give you the best experience in addition to your very own contribution to nature and environment. The Towa project has its foundation in locally produce, recycling and ecology. Describing the Towa in detail might not be necessary, but these were the thoughts behind the design.

1. Ergonomic handle
The Towa is ergonomically designed to be kind to the body. The handle is larger and thicker in the back making it easier to hold on – either when The Towa is nearly empty or full. Snap the handle in place by pressing the small tabs into the holes on the container. The handle is locked in the upright position but it is easy to fold down when you sit!
    NOTICE! ↗ Make sure that the handle is in the correct position; the thicker and knurled part goes to the rear. When the handle is up – make sure to hold further back on the handle to keep a good balance.

2. The spout and cork
To save space and make the Towa easier to ship the spout is detachable. In its place you can insert the cork. The cork is not tight, it is there only to prevent eventual odour and it should not be pushed in too far, as this may make it hard to remove again. Tie a string or something similar on it and attach it to the hole in the container, that way you will always know where it is. The spout may be a bit hard to get into place, due to the fact that the plastic can vary depending on the temperature. Some water or washing up liquid will help to slide it in place easier. The spout is long, like in the old days so that you can reach further into the vegetation. The liquid gold is supposed to go in the soil and not on the foliage. Nor in our lakes and seas!

3. Container
There is a mark inside that shows what amount of liquid gold is appropriate so that it doesn’t leak out (when the spout is not in place). approx. 1 litre (0.25 gallons). The container is customized to be thinner along the body, not too big and heavy to water with yet. high enough to sit on, considerably higher than an ordinary potty. It can hold 10 litres (2,6 gallons). You can see the grading on our website. If you have difficulties getting up, my mother (90 years old) recommends that placing the Towa so that you can hold on to the sink, furniture or something similarly steady. Or place it on a small footstool!
    The container can also be used as an excellent compost bin, you can then pour the leachate water out through the spout.

4. Seat
When you place the seat on the container and sit down you will experience that it is a lot more stable than a bucket or a potty. Make sure it is standing on a flat surface. Try out the best position to be comfortable. Towa can take a weight up to 150 kg (330 pounds). Make sure you do not relax too much though, we are after the golden liquid and nothing else!

5. Heart shaped lid
In most cases Towa can be used several times before you dilute with water. Meanwhile the heart shaped cover will help to keep the odour away. It will also keep the nitrogen detained. The lid might be a bit uneven to begin with but will adjust after some time and will become air tight but should not be stuck.

The colour
Nature boasts a variety of green colours and the colour I used originates from the green leaves of the Alder tree.

Golden advice
I see Towa as a chamber pot and a watering can but not as a storage container. The liquid gold should be applied directly to the soil. To dilute with nine parts water is a golden rule but different plants have different needs. Avoid filling the container to the top, it is not constructed for that. When carrying the Towa remember that the handle was made to be ergonomic with an asymmetric shape so make sure to hold it in the back.
    You can of course fertilize with the pure gold first and water it afterwards if that seems easier. The plants are not really that fussy about the details but too much of the undiluted gold can burn the plants. Urine contains almost the same nutrition as the artificial fertilizers that you can buy in the store but has significantly less heavy metals in it. Liquid gold is the chemical role model!
    We receive a lot of questions about liquid gold. You can read on our website what the scientists from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has discovered. You can also see a video held by Håkan Jönsson, professor in environmental engineering. On our website you can also find a very handy fertilizer table. To help do your bit when our climate needs our help is a big wish to a lot of people. Start by: Growing crops, water with liquid gold and compost! Making your own cycle does not have to be hard or uncomfortable. Inspire your children to feed the plants and begin a good circle. Towa will make it easy for you to take advantage of the valuable liquid gold.

Product facts
The Towa is made with Polypropylene (PP), entirely without elements deemed to be harmful to health or the environment. Plastic is normally not irritating to the skin. This plastic can be easily recycled and any excess material in production is ground down and used to produce new products. The material can withstand temperatures between 50°C (-58F) and +75°C (167F) but should not be exposed to direct flame or placed on a hot stove etc. Do not leave Towa out in the cold of winter!
    After a long service the Towa can be recycled and sorted with hard plastics. The box can also be recycled as cardboard or used to store the Towa.

I am sure I do not have to tell you that the Towa should be rinsed with hot water after each use, sometimes with a little environmentally friendly detergent or soap. More thoroughly with a brush and detergent if required.

Thank you
To all of you who have been cheering, supporting answered questions, bought and ordered Towa on fairs, markets, email, phone and letters. The massive interest has contributed to The Towa becoming a product and a business corporation in Sweden with Swedish production and own patent. We hope that she will be of satisfaction and spread joy as well as golden liquid.

The Towa has received prizes for the design, material, environmentally adapted and sustainable development. We are very proud of that but mostly so when our customers express their joy. Fertilizing with urine/liquid gold is recommended by the scientists at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as environmental adapted and sustainable development. If you have any questions about liquid gold just send us an email and we can forward that to Prof. Håkan Jönsson at the Agricultural university who knows all about it.

At guldkannan.se you can find more information about the best fertilization in the world. You can also find the latest updates about our retailers. Welcome to our Facebook and Instagram pages, we would love to have you there.
    And for now; Get comfortable, have a pee, add some water in the pot and water your plants. The soil and plants will be forever grateful!

With green greetings, Åsa Lövberg & Friends Guldkannan AB www.guldkannan.se info@guldkannan.se