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 Ergonomic design makes The Towa easy to carry and easy to use. Hygienic and comfortable to sit on. Capacity, approx. 10 liters.

 Able to withstand weight up to 150 kilos (300 pounds)

 Seals tightly – the urine stays in the container to protect the nitrogen and guard against odor.

 Innovation and design by Åsa Lövberg. Patented in Sweden.

♥ Made in Sweden of recyclable and durable  Polypropylene (PP) plastic , without any materials that are considered dangerous to health or the environment.

♥ The color is alder-tree green on a matt surface. 

 Dimensions (measurements do not include the spout): 
Height 26 cm (10.24 in.) Width 32 cm (12.60 in.) Depth 22 cm (8.66 in.)

♥ In order to make the watering can stable, and still allow it to be light weight and easy to carry, the plastic material contains a proportionate amount of talc. Therefore any scratches that may arise during normal use may be more visible than if the material was 100% plastic. This is in no way harmful to the product or anyone using it.